The month of November has been recognized as National Adoption Month.

It is not just about the more that 140 Million children needing parents, rather what are we willing to do about it ourselves?  We can ALL do a little. HE can use our collective little to change lives in a positive way forever.
We can adopt, foster, sow financially into the lives of others that are walking in faith for the finances, pray, and support one another. The families on our blog are not trying to raise money and then adopt. Actually they have stepped over. They have a child identified and are already in the process of adopting that child. It is very expensive (more than it needs to be) to adopt a child. For China the expenses will be about $30,000. Often times the families will take loans, sell things, mortgage their home, empty retirement accounts. Once they have stepped over…..for most there is no going back. Their precious child is waiting somewhere in the world often in neglectful situations and there is a grief and unsettling that comes with that wait…even to the faithful.
Many are working on bringing back a second, third or ???? Child. The challenges will be more because resources are already used up. They are looking for “other sources”. They may look towards fundraising. When God places a child in your life and you can not touch or care for them, He often times is busy birthing that love that makes parents …well AMAZING parents. It can happen that the parent/s will become creative with ways to make the extra money to get their child safely home.
Two families are doing this and need our help. If we can do our part and come along side of them we will be encouraging and providing relief. We are then a part of a beautiful life that is about to be redeemed. It’s the greatest investment ever. The pay off far exceeds any where else you could put your money. 
Chris and Annie Hamlin
No strangers to all things humanity, Annie has worked for free for a very long time to advocate for so many orphaned children. After bring home their first daughter and seeing the need, GOD took a hold of her. They will never be the same. They are in the process of bringing a second daughter home with special needs and needs our help!
Tom and Angela Rylands.
This is such and amazing family. God placed it in their hearts to bring older boys with special needs home. They just brought back two boys and now they are in the process of bring two more boys HOME. That is 4 boys in less then 3 years.
Please go HERE to read how we can fulfill our call to help care for the voiceless and to be a blessing while getting a blessing back.
Thank you
Jim and Tammy

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